freestyle web design packagesHere in "Opacity Digital Art House" We are backed by 18 years of experience that allows us to provide professional, premium and custom web design service in a fixed price website packages with no any hidden fees, these packages cover all the needs of your business and even exceed those needs. starting from the innovative web designs to the upgradable dynamic website core and the website features which support all kinds of content like text, images and videos. we also committed to the highest quality measures and delivery time.

All our packages have these basic features

  • all have custom design
  • all are dynamic websites
  • Exclusive Hosting ( we provide hosting only for our websites )
  • And much more……

freestyle web designWe have customized web design packages with fixed prices and fixed features and each web package is tuned to serve the business category that it was created for. but now you can enjoy the maximum flexibility with " The Free Style Package " which allows you to integrate your web site with all the options you really need and within your budget.

Fully Customized Web Design Package

A-pay 2000 L.E for the Custom web Design layout + website installation + 20 pages entry. 

B- then choose all your website features.




Dynamic Slidshow
Dynamic Slideshow
Dynamic Slideshow in the front page which give a wow look and helps you to focus on many Punch lines in the best advertising spot in your website, and to deliver your message.
Price: 800 L.E
Photo gallery
Dynamic Photo Gallery
With our Photo gallery Feature you can now place photo gallery on every page you please.
Price: 500 L.E
Video embedding
With our Video Embedding Feature you can place a video on every page you please.
Price: 500 L.E
facebook like box
Facebook Like Box
This Feature allows you to show the Facebook Like Box for your Page, so it will show all the people that liked your page
Price: 500 L.E
Twitter Widget
Twitter Widget
Twitter Widget allows you to display your latest tweets on any page of your website
Price: 500 L.E
Awosme Social bookmarking buttons
Social Bookmarking
Awosme Social bookmarking buttons , many features addedLarge IconsHorizontal CountVertical CountRegular Buttons Regular Button
Price: 500 L.E
Editor joomla
Advanced Content Editor
Add a set of tools to your website that gives you the power to create the kind of content you want, without limitations, and without needing to know or learn HTML, XHTML, CSS...
Price: 500 L.E
contact us form
On Page Contact Us Form
allows visitors to contact your site administrator by e-mail very fast and secure.
Price: 500 L.E
tabs module
Tabs Module
organize your front end content most effective way, Tabs can emulate multi-pages structure based on the joomla content articles as result your visitors will get easy access to the big content articles
Price: 1000 L.E
Editor joomla
Dynamic carousel
This convenient Feature helps to build an outstanding dynamic carousel with thumbnails from your images & make the photos review really enjoyable for visitors!
Price: 1000 L.E
advertising banner manager
Banners Manager
This Module will simply rotate all your published banners on your Joomla Banner component with a nice carousel animation effect based on JQuery library.
Price: 500 L.E
Editor joomla
Newsletter System
Newsletter and email marketing Feature, enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters
Price: 2000 L.E
Editor joomla
Online Visitors Counter
An advanced web site visitors counter displays date, clock, today's visitors and total count of visitors
Price: 400 L.E
Editor joomla
Keywords Cloud
Advanced Search Engine using suggested keywords by scanning the web site content
Price: 500 L.E
Count Down timer
Event Countdown Timer
 coming soon countdown extension will help you attract attention of visitors and keep them informed about how many days left for the event
Price: 500 L.E
Editor joomla
Form Builder
Form Builder lets you create and customize any form you need Adding inputs for text, dropdowns, checkboxes, email, date, and more. with automatic email notifications.
Price: 2000 L.E
Google Maps
just add the address or the coordinates which location you want to show an a map inside google_maps
Price: 500 L.E

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website management

We provide online reputation management service as an after sales service, although we build dynamic websites allows you to add, edit and delete but there is always a deffirent between editting your website and professional website edeting, join now our Management service and let us:

★ keep your website elegant and tidy.
★ Monitor your online reputation ( of an individual or brand ).
★ Emphasizing positive coverage rather than negative reviews or feedback.
★ keep your System up to date.
★ Online identity management (OIM).
★ Online image management.
★ Online personal branding or personal reputation management (PRM).
★ Essential SEO. Engaging the website with the social network.
★ Plus Extra Added Value 25% discount on any other services we provide like print design.
★ Service Provided 5 days a week “ Friday and Saturday are off ” during working hours 9.30 pm to 5 pm. service provided on Professional standards.

social platform management facebooktwitterlinkedininstagram

Keep your brand up to date and elegant with our premium Managing service for official Facebook fan pages, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin and Youtube accounts with professional posts.

Full social platforms accounts management
Full Account Management and Customization
Applying the right strategies in engaging the website with the social network
Creating, configuring and publishing paid Facebook, Linkedin ads. “on demand / price not included“